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There are two classes to the qualification of IPDRE in IPDRAA, namely International Professional Dispute Resolution Expert (IPDRE) and International Professional Dispute Resolution Expert (Corporate) (IPDRE (Corporate)). The respective description of the two classes are as follows.

International Professional Dispute Resolution Expert (IPDRE)

Any individual having finished the Dispute Resolution Advocacy Training Course and passing the accreditation assessment offered by IPDRAA may register to become International Professional Dispute Resolution Expert of IPDRAA. Being an IPDRE of IPDRAA renders opportunities for handling international and/or cross-border disputes on the advanced dispute resolution platform and provide excellent service to parties concerned.

International Professional Dispute Resolution Expert (Corporate) (IPDRE (Corporate))

Any organizations may register as a IPDRE (Corporate) to nominate up to 4 individuals to obtain the qualification as IPDRE and to have individual CPD monitored and verified.

Application Method and Procedures

Applicants must submit application within 1 year upon the notification of result of the accreditation assessment. The application will be submitted to the Board of Directors of IPDRAA for approval. After successful application as International Professional Dispute Resolution Expert (IPDRE), IPDRE are required to attain requirements of the Continuing Professional Development Scheme in each year so as to be eligible for maintaining their qualification as IPDRAA International Professional Dispute Resolution Experts.

Renewal of Qualifications

For the renewal of International Professional Dispute Resolution Experts, all individual IPDREs and individuals nominated by IPDRE (Corporate)s are required to submit the renewal form, and the CPD Record Submission Form indicating the fulfillment of the qualification renewal requirements together with the annual fee on or before 31st December of that year. The current renewal requirement for IPDRE is set at 5 CPD points each year.

The renewal of IPDRE (Corporate) qualification is based on successful renewal of all IPDREs nominated by that institution. The institution’s qualification as IPDRE (Corporate) shall be expired when there is no renewal application received from the nominated individual IPDREs or no renewal application successfully processed by the end of that year.

Any persons who failed to renew their qualification by the designated date will be suspended unless and until further remedial actions are taken by the respective persons to the full satisfaction of IPDRAA.