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About Us

About International Professional Advocates Association

International Professional Advocates Association (IPAA) is the first international organization established to provide a full range of advocacy services for the parties in arbitration, adjudication, mediation and litigation, and also risk management services. IPAA offers tailor-made solutions to help clients encounter challenges in the ever-changing business world. It minimizes clients’ exposure to not only legal risks but also operational, compliance, tax, political, and sustainability risks.

IPAA is comprised of highly regarded experts in the fields of arbitration, mediation, and risk management. It appoints business negotiators, risk prevention experts, and compliance officers for enterprises to explore market opportunities, enter into collaboration agreements in their best interests, observe compliance requirements and minimize risks.

IPAA’s dispute resolution advocates seek the best approach, timing, and place to resolve disputes and pursues enforcement of the settlement agreement or arbitral award afterward. By addressing clients’ needs and evaluating risks and opportunities associated with different strategies, they help clients make their best decisions.


Commission of Business Negotiations
Commission of Data-value exchange
Commission of Asset and Wealth Management
Commission of Intellectual Properties
Commission of Dispute resolution advocacy
Commission of Legal executives
Commission of Expert Witness