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Professional Code

Members must at all times:

  1. act in their client's interest in the first priority.
  2. disclose any material interest or conflict of interest to their clients.
  3. take all reasonable steps to ensure fair treatment of their clients.
  4. act in good faith and exercise independence in making professional judgment.
  5. perform their works in accordance with the current best industry practice and the highest ethical, professional and technical standards.
  6. ensure that they are competent to perform the duties that their profession requires.
  7. provide assistance or mentorship to young practitioners and give proper supervision and guidance to them whenever appropriate.
  8. obey all applicable laws and regulations of the place where they practice, also all rules and regulations enforced by the competent authorities.
  9. not engage in any illegal, misleading or dishonest behavior that might jeopardize their reputation as Members or bring the Association or its other Members into disrepute.
  10. compile with the Rules and regulations of the Association and the disciplinary proceedings which will be updated from time to time.