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Compliance, ESG & Legal Consultancy Services


  • Compliance, ESG & Legal Consultancy Services
  • Legal Executive Services
    • Legal processes are a vital part of daily life for almost every business. Whether that’s creating privacy policies, contracts, due diligence investigations, or litigation – absolutely everyone has to do it. 
    • Outsourced legal executive services can make your life easier and allow your team to focus on valuable, strategic work. Our legal executive services can assist with legal research, document drafting, review and compliance assistance, administrative support, virtual assistant services, proofreading, review and management of records, and much more legal-related work. 
    • We understand your needs and how to apply best practices & processes, which can help save you millions.


  • The consultancy fee will be HK$8,000 per hour at a minimum of 10 hours.
  • To be negotiated on project basis.

For further information, please contact our office (3622-2178 or