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Intellectual property application and protection

With the development of the "One Belt, One Road" and the signing of the Sino-US Economic and Trade Agreement, China's intellectual property development has been presented with new opportunities. China is transforming from an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) consumer country to an important IPR producer country, and enterprises' innovation ability and independent research and development level are increasing, so it is imperative to strengthen IPR protection and enforcement.

The International Professional Advocates Association (IPAA) provides comprehensive and efficient services to businesses and IP owners who wish to explore the international market.

IPAA's services cover six major areas, namely, global IP registration, IP infringement protection, IP market monitoring, IP consulting services, IP specialized services, and IP seminars, with a comprehensive range of services and rich contents.

We offer a range of IP services


I. Global IP Registration

1. Trademark

  • Global Registration
  • Pre-Application Search
  • Renewal
  • Disagreement
  • Dispute
  • Re-examination
  • Assignment
  • Change
  • Cancellation
  • License Contract Filing
  • Trademark Management Strategy


  • Global Registration
  • Pre-application search
  • Patent Writing
  • Substantive Examination Services
  • Renewal
  • Disagreements
  • Disputes
  • Re-examination
  • Transfer
  • Change
  • Cancellation
  • License Contract Filing
  • International Patent PCT

3. Copyright

  • Registered in China and USA
  • Change
  • Re-examination
  • Assignment
  • Disputes
  • License Contract Filing
  • Cancellation

II. IP infringement protection

1. Internet search

2. Inspection of exhibition halls

3. Physical store research

4. Infringement lawsuits

III. IP Market Monitoring

1. Consultancy services for comprehensive Government IP enforcement reform

  • Combating infringement and counterfeiting
  • Strictly standardize evidence standards
  • Reinforcing enforcement measures for cases
  • Improve the protection system for new industries and fields

2. IP market monitoring for business enterprises

IV. IP Consultant Services (Retainer)

1. Resident IP Consulting Services

2. External IP Consulting Services

V. IP Specialized Services

1. IP Application Management

2. IP license filing

3. IP Mediation

4. IP Finance

  • IP Investment Financing
  • IP Asset Securitization
  • Corporate IP Pooled Bonds
  • Patent License (Licensing) Income Right Pledge Financing

VI. IP Seminar