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Expert Witness Service

Expert Witness Service

An expert witness involves consideration of the evidence to be presented at various litigation and dispute resolution including court trial, arbitration, adjudication and mediation.   EW then advising the respective authorities on the professional comments and evaluations. A report is provided to the court, tribunal or centre, and where necessary, the expert may be called to give evidence under oath.  

Expert Witness and expert reports provide importance reference in the process in the dispute resolution journey of the confronting parties. It facilitates the judgement, awards or settlement agreement results from a fair, impartial and professional point of view.

IPAA’s Expert Witnesses have acquired the qualification as the International Accredited Expert Witness they are  highly experienced in the court proceedings, mediation, adjudication and arbitration, often viable and preferable routes to settling disputes out of court come from a large variety of professionals, who are not only experienced and hold specific knowledge in their professional, their reports serve important evidence that determine the outcome of the dispute resolution/ settlement terms. IPAA administers a systematic mechanism in coordinating consultations and communicate with the Experts. Our experts can ensure your case is presented in the best possible way by focussing on the key points of the dispute and backing up potential points of contention with their industry expertise.  They are promoted to deliver the highest quality opinions, reducing dispute resolution costs and time for you. 

Our Expert Witness

Based on their experiences and expertise, IPAA’s Expert Witnesses are accredited on two levels i) Certified International Expert Witness (CIEW); and ii) Certified Senior International Expert Witness (CSIEW).  They are specialized in full-fetched professional areas including: 

 Medical  Psychology  Psychiatry
 Construction  Surveying  Engineer
 Project Management  Virtue Asset  Banking & Finance
 Shipping and Logistics  Intellectual Property  Biotechnology
 International Tax  Compliance  Human Resources
 International Trade practice  International Law  Legal Practice
 Insurance  ESG  Industries


IPAA’s Expert Witnesses have been accredited by a number of renowned international legal and dispute resolution organizations in the respected legal and dispute resolution process as the Party Appointed Expert (PAE) or  Single Joint Expert (SJE).  

International Professional Advocates Association - Professional Panel on Expert Witness

For detailed information on the application and charges or free consultation, please contact our office (3622-2178 or

Accreditation as the International Accredited Expert Witness Qualification

  1. Certified International Expert Witness (CIEW); and
  2. Certified Senior International Expert Witness (CSIEW).