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Asset management and family wealth management service

To provide a life where you and your family can live to the fullest is the best gift to your dearests. The IPDRAA is committed to assist you in achieving the life you desired for yourself and your legacy. We offer detail-oriented consultancy, strategic plans and accurate execution services that would allow you to comfortably live the way you have always dreamed of. Your desire is very important to us. While we attend to protect and maximize your wealth, you get peace of mind to focus on spending time with the important people and building your legacy.

Our service scope in Asset and Family Wealth Management

  • Wealth growing and management
  • Retirement planning
  • Education funds
  • Wealth inheritance
  • Corporate inheritance

Our specialists

Certified Professional Wealth Manager (CPWM) & Certified Senior International Wealth Manager (CSIWM)

The CPWM and CSIWM are globally recognized, they are the qualified experts with the competence to achieve professional wealth management standards. They represent international standards that are equipped with advanced knowledge, sufficient experience, qualified skillsets and moral standard in providing both local and international wealth management services. They underwent systematic accreditation and assessment procedures were designed specifically to put their practical competency into a series of high demanded tests.

You are welcome to check on our list of IPDRAA Certified Professional Wealth Manager (CPWM) & Certified Senior International Professional Wealth Manager (CSIWM) panel for service provision [Link].

Interested in becoming our wealth management specialists, please see the below session (To become our wealth management specialists).


To become our wealth management specialists

Only those who have proven to be competent would be issued with these professional qualifications. Currently, the CPWM and CSIWM are world-wide recognized professional qualifications issued by the International Professional Dispute Resolution Advocate Association (IPDRAA) for candidates who have completed professional qualification training courses organized by the Academy of International Dispute Resolution and Professional Negotiation (AIDRN).

Professional Qualification Training courses in Wealth Management