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Global Business & Commercial Negotiation Service

Negotiation is a common gesture to create partnerships between businesses that ultimately increase profit, market shares, and influence. It is also used to secure better benefits in employment contracts and compensations. Negotiation is crucially important regardless you are seeking business opportunities, entering into a business agreement, renewing new contracts or getting a dispute settlement. At any stage of your deal, your goal is our goal. We work with you to close the deal that offers long term protection.  preventing and mitigating any possible future conflicts, and ensuring the benefit to your business is well preserved.

Our service scope in Business Negotiations

  1. Negotiation Consultancy
    • Negotiation strategy planning and accurate executions matter regardless of Business to Business deals (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C) deals. Our negotiation advisor would prepare and support you and your team to be at the top form on the negotiation table.
      • Acquisition and alliance negotiations
      • Business negotiations
      • International negotiations
      • Procurement negotiations
      • Sales negotiations
      • Conflict negotiations and resolution
      • Crisis negotiations
  2. Business Research
    • In the era of information and research, we believe thorough market research and integrated diligence on the market and the potential business partners would earn you the upper hand in making the best deal for you. We provide clients with the right opportunities and sustainable business partners from around the globe via thorough commercial due diligence and operational and financial analysis.
  3. Representing in negotiations
    • Negotiations are highly advanced skills that determine the value you leave the table with. Our negotiation specialists would help you to make business deals between your business and others with mutual benefit, earning you sustainable business growth and opportunities.

Our area of service

We serve a wide spectrum of practice to both individual and business clients, there are samples of types of practice we provide services for:

  • Banking
  • Bankruptcy
  • Contract
  • Community
  • Corporate
  • Construction
  • Employment
  • Entertainment business
  • Environmental
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labour
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estates
  • ...and more

Table of fees for Business Negotiation Services

Amounts Service charges Charges for additional achievements
HK$500,000 - HK$3,000,000 5% 20% of the additional returns
HK$3,000,001 - HK$10,000,000 3%  20% of the additional returns
HK$10,000,001 - HK$100,000,000 2%  20% of the additional returns
HK$100,000,001 or above 1.5%  20% of the additional returns

*For non-financial deals ie Crisis Negotiation for special incidents the charges will be HK$8,000 per hour at a minimum of 4 hours.

Our Global Business & Commercial Negotiation Team

Research specialists

The IPAA is a global service platform, it currently houses over 100 professional talents, ready to serve. Our network also reaches out to different institutes, cooperates, government units and academies. Combined they provide precious, all-rounded and professional research and consulting services to our clients in taxation, asset and wealth management, risk management, legal, regulation, intellectual property, data valuation, and dispute resolutions. It allows us to work with our client to analyze the best deal possible, design plans fit precisely what you need.

Negotiation and Negotiation Advisory specialists

The IPAA’s professional negotiators are trained to bring you the successful bargains that generate optimal results. Our professional negotiators are accredited by globally recognized organizations, who represent international standards. They are equipped with the experience and skillsets to serve in various types of negotiations.

Our list of professional negotiators (Professional Panel)

  • Certified Professional Business Negotiator (CPBN) &
  • Senior Certified International Professional Business Negotiator (SCIBN)

To become our business negotiation specialists

Only those who have proven to be competent would be issued with these professional qualifications. Currently, the CPBN and SCIBN are worldwide recognized professional qualifications issued by the International Professional Advocate Association (IPAA) for candidates who have completed professional qualification training courses organized by the Academy of International Dispute Resolution and Professional Negotiation (AIDRN).

Professional Qualification Training courses in Business Negotiations

  • Professional Business Negotiator Training Certificate Course
  • Professional Business Negotiator Advanced Training Certificate Program